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    LEM Version # in console vs. on client devices


      Morning all -


      I am auditing which devices within our KACE appliances have LEM agents installed. I am also making note of which versions they are running on. Within the LEM in my Node's list all of my Windows machines are showing 6.3.1 but in my report from KACE, which i am confirming is correct once i check the devices manually, are in fact all on older versions with the exception of about 20% of them. Does this Version column represent something different?






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          How are you checking those systems?


          What is in the console is correct for the version.


          Most likely you are trying to check via registry entry.   Right now when an agent updates via the manager it is not updating the registry entry.  If you are using the agent installers to update then it should overwrite the registry entry to put it at whatever the latest version is at that time.


          Updating the registry entry when the agent updates via the manager is something we would like to do at some point in the future.

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              Hey Wolram - thanks for getting back to me.


              Initially I was pulling the list of machines and their corresponding LEM Agent version from our KACE appliance. I connected to a handful of the devices and checked their Control Panel to see what version was showing and that's where i confirmed that KACE was reporting what their Add/Remove Programs list was matching up to my report.


              I believe the registry is where this pulls its information from so that would make sense based on your explanation. And that's great that Solarwinds is working to update that in future as it's a bit confusing for newcomers like myself.

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              wolram is correct, if you're checking via registry or Programs and Features you're going to see the old version.  Another way you can verify if you want to do the manual checking is by reviewing the local install folder directly (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ContegoSPOP) and you will see the update folders for the latest version.  There's another few ways if you want to get into the logs, etc, but the Web Console is displaying correctly for you.

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