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    How can I create a Custom Poller w/ UnDP on table & create alarm on the first value


      Hi All,

      I have created a Custom Poller using UnDp and it returned a table of which ONLY the first row has a value in it - all other rows are blank.

      I am interested in creating an Alarm on the value that I am getting.


      Tried with two methods with no luck so far:

      First: Creating a Custom Node poller using the UnDP stand alone software and being able to get a table with the first row holding the value. I want to convert it into integer so I would be able to ask triggering conditions on it inside the alert. BUT, So far I could not find a way to transform the row value into a single integer.

      How can I do that inside the UnDP Stand alone?


      Second: I have been able to create a Custom Poller in the Web GUI and got the table with the first-row value. Then I have been able to transform Average rows into single value and got the result and manipulated it more to get the exact value i wanted and that was great. BUT, When I wanted to do an Alert i could NOT find the Custom Poller that I created from the Web Gui at all.

      Is there a Special way to collect data from the Web GUI poller that is NOT the same as the UnDP Poller?

      When I create a Custom Poller alert on a Poller made in UnDP I do it as follow:

      • Create a Custom Node Poller
      • Choosing UniqueName and --> to the name of the UnDP Poller I created.
      • Adding another with the PLUS sign
      • Choosing Current Numeric value --> condition on this value returned.

      When I do that it works ONLY on Custom Poller that I created with the UnDP. is there a way that I can do the same on a Poller I create inside the Web GUI?


      Anyone have the same issues that I am having?

      I would be happy fi someone can help me on that.


      Thank You!