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    Filtering out Computer Account Activity


      I'm attempting to set up both a saved search (nDepth) and filter (Monitor) excluding computer accounts (ending in $ sign). However....

      • In nDepth, when I add a Group with the following condition...     UserModifyAttribute.SourceAccount ≠ *$     ...I still get computer accounts showing up in the results.
        I have tried putting that in quotes... "*$"   ...but that just added escape characters in the top Search Bar:   (SourceAccount = "\"*$\"") ...and still got the same results.
        NOTE: There is a red line under part of the search text when in Text Input Mode, but there's no way of knowing what - if anything - is wrong with the syntax.
      • In Monitor, same results as above. ...I was wondering if there is any regex permitted in the Search Builder fields, and is it seeing the dollar sign as a special character instead of the string itself?


      Thanks for any thoughts.