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    Invoke-SwisVerb - Access Denied


      I was advised by SolarWinds support to post a question on the community forms.  I am trying to run the below command and receive access is denied errors.  The account is a full admin on the server and in the IPAM application.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      'Invoke-SwisVerb $swis IPAM.SubnetManagement GetFirstAvailableIp @("", "24")'. 


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          Hi jbcrow3


          I'm from IPAM engineering team, and I'll try to help you with this incident. But to do so, could you, please, provide some additional info for this incident?


          1. What IPAM version you're using?
          2. What version of Orion SDK is installed?
          3. What type of admin user you're using (local or domain)?
          4. Have you performed all required steps to execute API methods?
          5. Do you have set any Windows security policies to restrict running scripts in Powershell?
          6. Are you trying to execute API methods from the same machine where IPAM is installed?


          Thank you