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    iOS Client please


      We have techs who need to begin testing out iOS 11. Of course, installing iOS 11 on their iPads means they cannot use the WHD Client.


      We need a WHD Client, and one designed for the iPad as well.






      Like this month…

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          You may already be aware, but although there is not an updated iOS client they can still access WHD from a web browser; the system will use HTML5 to format the screen accordingly without the need for a dedicated client (though i understand the desire for a current native iOS/iPad app).

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            fluffy midnight

            Conversing with SolarWinds, the iOS app is in progress to be updated for 64-bit as the original was 32-bit and very outdated.


            The initial release will be on par to the current iOS app for functionality, however as time goes on it will apparently have additional features and improvements to come.


            For the time being, use a browser on the mobile or tablet to access the help desk.