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    Clarification on Alert co-relation in Solarwinds


      Hi All,


      Need one clarification.


      If i have Node down alert and interface down alert enabled then will the following hold true:

      1. Will i get alert for both- Node down and Interface down?

      2. Will it send only Node down alert( assuming the node went down first)


      I am aware about the dependency option which can be created to avoid all the noise. But just need clarity on above in terms of any default corelation being done in Solarwinds.

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          Without use of dependencies, you'll get both alert emails if the interface down alert's trigger condition is NOT configured to exclude nodes with down status.


          But if you've explicitly inserted and defined within the interface down alert a line like "Node status IS NOT EQUAL TO DOWN", even if the node goes down first, you wont get both, You only get the interface down alert.