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    Brocade 6910 issues!


      Need help trying to backup these devices with NCM!!!!

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          Hello Dennis.  I was just browsing Thwack to find some other Brocade polling help and found your request.  We ran 6910s and I finally got this working.  We just replaced them, but if I remember correctly we had to add a Connection Profile for the 6910.  On my system, I go to Settings/All Settings/ then in Product Specific Settings I go to NCM Settings.  In Global Device Defaults area I go to Connection Profiles.  Create a new profile and provide the profile name, username/password for the switch, No Enable Login and I used Telnet for all other fields.  I hope this helps.  We aren't running 6910s anymore, but I do still have one I can fire up if you need more help.