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    Invalid time format in scheduled maintenance




      We're running Orion platform 2017.1.3 SP3 with NPM 12.1 and NTA 4.2.2.


      Now we have a problem with the time format of scheduled maintenance.

      If we're using a browser with UK or US time format, or any other format that gives the time format a colon in the middle, it works fine.

      But as a lot of us is running Norwegian format, the hour and minutes are split by a dot, like this "14.59" instead of "14:59".


      When we then try to set scheduled maintenance for one or more nodes, we get this:


      The drop down menus gives us that time format, but it doesn't accept it. We have to manually change the dot to colon after we've picked a time from the drop down.



      Is this a bug, or is there some settings anywhere that we can change to fix this?



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