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    Additional Web Server Port Requirements Documentation Accuracy?


      I am looking at deploying a new Additional Web Server and I was referencing the Use an Additional Web Server document up on the Customer Success Center and I believe the Port Requirements are not accurate and I am looking for some validation on my understanding as follows:


      For Port 5671 (RabbitMQ) it says "The port used for SSL-encrypted RabbitMQ messaging from the Additional Web Server to the Additional Polling Engine."'; however, I believe the part about the Additional Polling Engine is incorrect and that should be Primary Polling Engine.  My understanding is that RabbitMQ only listens on the Primary Polling Engine and I was able to confirm this with a netstat looking at listening ports on my PE versus APE.


      For Port 17777 (SolarWinds Collector Service) it says "Outbound" for the Direction and the description is "Orion module traffic. Open the port to enable communication from your polling engine to the web server, and from the web server to your polling engine.".  Based on the description the direction should be Bi-Directional or Outbound/Inbound; however, I believe the Outbound bit is actually correct and the description is inaccurate.  My understanding from what I have seen is that the Additional Web Server only communicates out to ALL polling engines on port 17777 and there is no communication initiated from the Polling Engines to the Additional Web Server.


      Can somebody confirm or deny my concerns and make sure this documentation is accurate; thanks!