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    Issues creating SNMPv3 nodes via the API




      We're trying to get SNMPv3 nodes created via the API (from Python) with both SNMPv3PrivKeyIsPwd and SNMPv3AuthKeyIsPwd set to False, but it seems like this is failing with a "400 Client Error: Specified cast is not valid" error. If I leave those fields undefined, the node gets created without issues, but SNMPv3 doesn't actually work unless I go to the web UI and uncheck those checkboxes - which kind of defeats the whole point of automating node creation via the API. The default for those fields seems to be True.


      I've tried a few different values for those fields (boolean/integer, string formats), but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone know how to create a SNMPv3 node with those fields set to false via the API (without doing a discovery)?


      thanks for the help!