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    penetration test module


      Hi all,


      i would be happy to know if there is a SoarWinds module that I can install on my system to do a penetration test on nodes in my network?

      The idea is to be able to check the nodes security like using a script that is checking the Registry to see if all security is in ship-shape.


      that module is to be able to check :



      (?) Mac


      and Cisco, Alteon, Datapower etc..

      It should be able to perform a test on each and every server/VDI/Vmware/ etc..

      Ports, Firewall, registry threats and more.


      I have a really urgent need for that and I want to make SolarWinds to be the soolution in our organisation that will lead up and give the desired requested solution.

      I would be happy if someone can assist and point me to the right module or tool, within SolarWinds to give us the solution of Penetratiuon Test (Script is being used these days and I want to be able to replace it with SolarWinds as well)