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    Bandwidth report


      Hello, anyone know, how to make report for show how many times if bandwidth traffic is 0 ?


      thank you

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          Here is one way to do it, I would probably build it as a custom SQL report because there are a lot of little tweaks I personally would want to do but this gives you a starting point:


          Create a new report with a table, when it asks for the datasource select Interfaces and use the advanced selector to find the interface traffic history table and look for total bytes, then set that to = 0.  Now it will grab every timestamp where total bytes was 0.

          On the section where you pick the columns you want I would just use interface FullName and Interface Traffic History/Timestamp

          Change the Data Aggregation field to a count, and rename it so it makes more sense, I used # of polls with 0 traffic.


          This is what you get


          So in my environment I know that interfaces are polled every 9 minutes, so I could ball park that and say this interface had 0 traffic for 1713*9/60/24=10.7 days out of the last 30.  In SQL I would probably just convert this figure to a percent and have the report look up the polling interval of each interface and calculate this all for me so I don't have to use my brain but you wouldn't be able to pull that off using the GUI.

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              ok thank you for help, and I want to know, can it show time when it reach 0 Kbps?


              so we have a history table like



              Interface Name  | Time (per/hour) | Count

              A     | 08:00 AM     | 20

              A     | 09:00 AM     | 10