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    3850 stack switch upgrade


      I am trying to find a process to do a IOS update on several stacks of 3850 switches.   Has anyone run into this issue?



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          Have you taken a look at the following
          Catalyst 3850 Series Switch Upgrade, Management, and Recovery Techniques - Cisco


          What issues are you running into?  Are you trying to update using NCM?  You can write a script in NCM which you could use to execute across many switches.

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              Yes i have,  Basically there are only 4 commands that are required:


              1) FTP copy of NEW.CODE

              2) software install file flash:NEW.CODE.BID switch 1-2 (or the number of switches you have)         

              3) Do you want to proceed with reload? [yes/no]: (Replying YES for the install process to proceed.)

              4) SOFTWARE CLEAN Command to remove older version


              when I attempt to the the Wizard I can not edit the script to modify the commands.


              That is what I am trying to accomplish

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              This is what I used and got it working.



              The command downloads the bin file to the switch from your TFTP server (x.x.x.x) to the flash memory.

              Replace the x with ip address of your server.

              This is the name of the file with the extension.

              I left a space so it will keep the name of the file as it.

              This then begins to install the software by file name. I only has a stack of 2 which is why I used switch1-2. If you have more then put 1- # of switches in your stack.

              I used this to verify the software version was installed.


              Left out so did not get to test:

              After the show ver | i INSTALL I had to type yes then press enter and type yes and press enter again. Then once the system is done you need to use the command software clean to clean out the unneeded files. Once the new bin is extracted all other files are not needed. Just make sure you test all your settings before you clean incase you have to rollback. I am going to test the new yes and software clean command to see if it work. I will update later today. I hope this helps.


              Again below is the script I used. If you need help let me know. This should work on new 3560's as well since they have the install option available.




              copy tftp flash




              software install file flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.06.E.152-2.E6.bin switch1-2

              show ver | i INSTALL

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                To add to marnell,


                I would add "software clean" as the very first step of the entire process, BEFORE doing a copy. This will remove any old "not in use" code from the switches and clean up flash. If you just copy new code and then later upgrade again without running the clean process, you will sooner or later run out of space. Running a clean ensures you will only ever have the currently running code, and 1 old version in case you have to revert back.



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                  is there a way to run SW in a GNS3 environment to be able to test the scripts?




                  Would be something to assist with users who need help with the scripting portion?