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    Orion SAM script or API - Display Custom Application Status results pulled by Power Shell using vendor API.


      Hello Orion Experts,


      I am trying to display application health status from an API feed. (Unfortunately we do not have access to the servers to install agents). I have a power shell script that works perfectly to pull the results using REST API returning the results in PS Custom Object as following.


      Display_name       : ServerFQDN

      host_address       : IPAddress

      host_alias         :  ServerName

      host_plugin_output : PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.25 ms

      LastChecked        : 7/3/2017 3:31:00 PM

      LastChanged        : 7/1/2017 4:31:01 AM

      Status                   : Warning

      perf_data          : 'Overall Disk Space'=102.27GB; 'Overall Disk Utilization'=18.3%;80;90; 'C: Space'=52.08GB; 'C: Utilisation'=86.9%;80;90; 'Data Space'=50.19GB; 'Data



      I have over 300+ Nodes to monitor. My goal is to display the Application name and status in Orion Dash board.


      My question are following


      1 - What will be the best method to display the node status in Orion dash board.  A- SAM custom monitor  or SWIS API?

      2- Each scan results are different should I add all 300+ nodes to ICMP monitoring pool or if there is anyway i can add a custom property like Node name and status on the fly using any of the above methods?

      3- How can I input data from XML/CSV or JASON in SAM Script editor,

      4- If anyone has any power shell example or video showing how to attach custom scripts and output the results to dash bard will be much appreciated.