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    How to Automate HSRP Interface Creation / Specify Primary and Secondary Node for Config Change Template?


      I'm an Orion novice, but committed to using proper tools to templatize and automate our network deployment. To that end, I wanted to write a configuration change template that allows us to push out new VLAN interfaces that form an HSRP pair.


      The user would input the primary node and secondary node, VLAN ID, description, and the IP subnet. We always use .1 as the HSRP address, .2 for the primary node and .3 for the secondary node, and have a scheme for the authentication text, HSRP number etc., so those can all be derived automatically.


      However, I immediately run into an issue because I'm not sure how in the config change template I can specify two nodes, one of which will be treated as the primary and the second as the secondary. Any advice how to accomplish this?