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    Integrated Dashboard clashing


      Hello friends,


      After more than a year, I finally got CA Signed SSL Certs in the appliance! Yay. GP was blocking us from being able to display maps and dashboards inside the Orion website.


      But now that it's able to be displayed, I found that the SWF container is in front of the NPM 12 menus! haha.


      Just to clarify, when you hover over the Orion Menu buttons while looking at an integrated Virtualization manager dashboard or map view, the menu disappears behind the flash container


      Is that just me or is everyone seeing the same thing?


      Just looking for confirmation that I'm not all jacked up before I submit a ticket.


      (sorry I don't have  a screenshot, and I can't get to the SW demo site from work to see if it does the same thing)