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    Query about Report (customs)


      Dear all,


      We try to generate a report of how many  tickets are (or were) assigned to a Tech Group. We would like to filter this by Request Type. Not to make it too complicated we would don't want to add all Request Types, just the top layer. According the documentation that should be possible:


      For Request Type filters, any selected Request Types include all of its subtypes. If one of the report's categories also uses Request Type, the report will group together all Tickets associated with a filtered Request Type with all Tickets associated with its subtypes, showing a single entry for all of them. For example, if "Hardware" is a Request Type having multiple subtypes (e.g., "Printer," "Laptop," etc.), and it is selected for a filter, the report will include all of the Hardware subtypes in a single entry labeled "Hardware."


      As said here is want we would like to achieve. I created this Report:



      The result of the report is --- O. No values. But we know that tickets were opened.


      I was wondering what we could have done wrong? We use WHD 12.5.0.

      Thank you for your help.