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    New ticket - ticket type?


      Dear all,


      Soon we will start to implement an "Incident Management Process".


      As I can imagine it is almost for everybody, that our users contact us in various ways eg. email and phone. If a users calls us and we open a new ticket, at this point the "Ticket Type" is not available:



      Here in comparison an already saved ticket:



      It seems that the Ticket Type is only available after the ticket was saved. Which is, in my opinion, causes an extra layer of work (to re-open the ticket only to change the Ticket Type).


      Is there something I am missing? At the point of entry I have a good idea if the ticket will be a Service Request, Incident or Problem. If this is by design, I was wondering why?




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          It seems this is the way it works, at least on our end. It does not show the Ticket Type, until the newly generated ticket is saved, then you can access and change, just like you stated above.

          An extra step but I wish it was an option at the time of creation. The amount of times I have created a ticket and forgotten to change the type, then it messes up the trend reporting later.  

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            We tend to use 'Request Type' more than ticket type, so from our perspective we could for example open a ticket with the request type as 'Problem' then set an action up as follows:

            criteria:  Status = 'Open' and  Request Type = 'Problem'.

            Actions:  Modify Ticket - Ticket Type - Change to 'Problem'


            We could then set up an action for each request type accordingly.  This should then check your tickets when you save them and alter the ticket type accordingly.

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              I'd be interested in hearing more about your Incident Management Process.  We're on that road too.  As far as ticket type, I found that we were getting more Incidents than Service Request (about 98% of tickets come through the web portal) so I set an action rule to change everything to Incident as a default when it comes in.  From there we adjust accordingly.

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                We only switch the Type to "Incident" if we're going to attach it to a Problem ticket.


                Otherwise everything just stays a Service Request.

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                    What about the Incidents that don't become attached to a problem?  I guess it depends on each person's definition of the ticket types.  Mine are:

                    • Service Request - I want\need something
                    • Incident - Something is broken for me
                    • Problem - The same thing is broken for a lot of people


                    For me its helpful to break these out and see how many actual issues vs requests we had.