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    Convert traps to alerts in npm




      I wonder if somebody have done this before. And get relevant information to see in the alert for the operations people.

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          Trap Viewer. Login to your primary NPM server to bring this up.

          Once in there you have many options to handle traps.


          In our case we reformat and forward the traps to another system that turns them into alarms.

          If you look through NPM discussion history you'll find other ideas on how to use the features of Trap Viewer to create alarms.




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              1. Open a support case with Solarwinds -- there is a feature request out there that is more than 5 years old, but everyone opening a support case for traps will help make this through.

              really, this will help other users get this feature in the product sooner.


              2. please search thwack, I've written a LOT of replies on how to convert traps to alerts; it is going to require to to use the trap viewer (on the server itself) and to write some custom SQL.[1]

              if you do not Know SQL, then I really do Recommend SQL for Dummies as that will help you get up to speed enough for what you need here



              [1] or you can write some code to set a custom property from a trap; either way you need to know SQL or SWQL