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    Hostnames for Syslog Nodes


      I am wondering if it is possible to configure our Cisco switches to appear in the LEM Management Console node list with their hostnames. Currently, they are only showing IP addresses in both the "Node Name" and "Node IP" columns. This must be possible, because one switch did appear with the hostname, but we never figured out how - and it was the only one. I tried Mapping Hostnames to IP Addresses but that made no difference to the way the node appears in the Management Console.


      Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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          It is possible that there are more than one way to do this, but using a virtual router I had in my GNS3 lab this is all I did:


          I added a DNS record for the device.


          You can test this by checking your DNS information for your "one working" device and see if there's a DNS record.  Otherwise if they're the same make and model you might be able to review the running  config to see what's set there that isn't.


          The reason I say this is that my syslog data still shows the IP address in the raw logs in checklogs.  I believe Cisco has the ability to set the source IP information to hostname as well, but I didn't see it from a brief search.  The DNS record was enough for me to achieve the results, but you can likely get the same by changing settings on your Cisco device directly so that it sends the hostname instead of IP.


          In case you haven't used checklogs before:


          Use the CMC checklogs command to display log files - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support





          It looks like the command is in this Thwack link from last year:


          Syslog node names?

          Play around with it in your environment and test if you can.  From my testing it doesn't appear to replace the DetectionIP, but will be shown as the Node Name on the Manage -> Nodes view in the Web Console.

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              Thanks for the info, jrouviere. I created a DNS record per your advice and with that am able to ping my Cisco devices from my workstation, but see no difference in Manage > Nodes > Node Name (column). I also tried the "logging origin-id" from the link in your P.S. with no apparent difference. Good point on the raw logs - I didn't think to look in there. But that might be a needle in a haystack since they don't allow grep or other useful bash commands in the cmc. I'll post any discoveries here if I find any. Thanks!