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    Best way to schedule mute alerts for server patch cycle


      Hi semi-noob here,


      We currently are trying to determine the best way to mute alerts for servers that are set to be patched on the weekend, automatically. Our patch schedule makes this difficult as the days of the month aren't static and create a variable. Kickoff of a new cycle being on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, "Patch Tuesday" followed by the weekend patching "1 Saturday 4 AM."  So basically it looks like this:


      Patch Tuesday followed by:


      We currently have a custom property and a dynamic poller to pull it into it's respective patch group which is assigned during the server build process. We've tried using the unmanage scheduler but again, this requires a monthly modification of each unscheduled task to accommodate the next month. My only conclusion is to exclude alerts if the reason for reboot supplied was initiated by the patch manager, but that requires and application monitor on most servers in our environment. I'd like to hear how you guys would tackle this to broaden my options. Any help is appreciated and I know our pager holder would thank you all as well. Thanks in advance!