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    Linux Cluster monitoring


      Hi All,


      I searched in the forum regarding this but didnt find what i was looking for.


      I know KVM monitoring is not supported yet from Solarwinds. But any other options are available to monitor Linux Clusters( in my case i have been asked to check on RHEL cluster level monitoring or atleast the cluster services).


      So any inputs/suggestions will help a lot. Thanks in advance.

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          Vinay BY

          Say suppose its a 2 node cluster (Add all 3 CIP,PIP,PIP as devices within Solarwinds):

          1. Add and Monitor the cluster ip as a device, with respect to disks enable only quorum and shared disk monitoring on cluster ip

          2. Add and Monitor both the physical nodes , remaining disks have to be monitored on physical nodes

          3. For Cluster services create a generic template and apply it on both the physical nodes

          4. Assuming cluster services should be running on either of the physical nodes build an alert which checks for this, if the service is down on node A and node B only then an alert needs to be triggered from Solarwinds.


          Hope it helps.