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    LEM Report for rules fired


      Hello. I have a number of rules that I created in LEM. I am trying to figure out how to run a report (via the Reports Console) that would show me my custom rules that fired during a given time period. I would be interested in an aggregate report showing the total times each rule was fired as well as a listing of all instances of fired rules. Is there a way to achieve this?




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          The Reports Console has the Solarwinds Actions report which will report on rule activity.  It groups the rules based on the action taken, not the rule being fired.


          You may be able to export and manipulate the report to get the data you're looking for, but I would suggest going into the Web Console directly and using nDepth to search for InternalRuleFired events.  You can export this data to CSV and then import to Excel or another tool to pivot and manipulate the data from there.  If you're running a report for the last day or week or so it is usually going to be the fastest and easiest option.