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    SRM How to Bulk Edit Individual Thresholds


      I just posted two other questions related to SRM here and here.  I was going to originally post all three questions in one post, but figured it'd just be too much to ask in one shot.


      I noticed in the SRM tables of the database there is a SRM Thresholds table in which individual thresholds can be applied to Arrays, Pools, Volumes, etc..., however,  I see no way to edit individual thresholds for these storage objects other than going to each items page and clicking the Manage button.  There is only a Global Thresholds option in SRM Settings.  In nearly every other Orion product there is a way to bulk edit multiple objects' thresholds.  Surely I don't have to use a SQL query every time I want to change a subset of my storage objects' thresholds, do I? 


      Also, why is there no ability to set individual File Share Thresholds?  I mean, I guess it doesn't matter since File Share thresholds don't seem to actually do anything (see one of my other recent questions here), but if that is ever fixed then we need to be able to set individual thresholds for these as well as all of the other storage objects in SRM...


      This feature seems like a pretty basic ask and I am a bit disappointed that this wasn't included from the get-go.  Hopefully I'm not missing something obvious...