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    SRM File Share Status Questions


      I just posted two other questions related to SRM here and here.  I was going to originally post all three questions in one post, but figured it'd just be too much to ask in one shot.


      Now that we received a buddy drop to fix the issue we were having with the NetApp NAS File Share Monitoring we were having, I have some questions regarding the data I'm seeing and the way statuses and projected run out capacity works for file shares.


      We can set global file share thresholds in the SRM Settings, however they don't seem to effect anything.  For example, we have our Warning Threshold set to 80 and Critical to 90.  Even though we have several shares that are over 80% and 90% to their quota capacity, their status is still green.  What I'm suspecting is that the threshold is only looking at the capacity of the volume that the share lives on, not what percentage of the share's quota is being used.  This doesn't make sense though since we can set Volume thresholds separately.  If this is the case then the File Share thresholds are essentially useless except for the very tiny amount of shares we have that don't have quotas.  When looking at a share with a quota, I want the status to be based on the share's quota percent used, not the volume's.


      EDIT: After some further research, there is no field in the SRM File Share tables for quota percent used.  It looks like that must be calculated on the fly when displaying what percent of a share's quota is being used.  So the File Share percent used threshold truly is useless...  I guess it just looks at what percent of a volume that a share uses?  Like I said, if a share has a quota set then that is what I want to threshold against.  Not the volume... Volumes already get their own threshold, it makes no sense to measure a share against the volume when a quota is involved (except in the two scenarios mentioned above of course).


      The way the File Share thresholds should work is to be compared against the quota percent used unless there is no quota set for that share or if the volume percent used is higher than the quota percent used.  In both of those cases the share thresholds should be measured against the volume percent used, otherwise it should measure against the quota percent used.