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    Server uptime Dashboard

    praveen v

      Hi All,


      I want to create dashboard which displays server uptime for group of servers or any report can be generated for a group severs whenever there is any needs.Kindly help.

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          you can create this as a widget on a dashbaord or in a report.


          For a dashboard widget, go to the dashboard that you want to add it to and click 'customize page' on the top right.


          Add a 'Custom Table' resource.


          Back on the dashboard, find that widget and click the little 'Edit' on the top right.


          You have to select a Datasource. You can limit what nodes you want by setting the criteria here. Or if your dashboard already have account limitations then you can just leverage those.

          2017-06-27 14_18_33-Edit Resource_ Last Boot Time.png



          When you're choosing that to include you can keep it simple by just adding columns for 'Display Name' and 'Last Boot.'

          2017-06-27 14_18_57-Edit Resource_ Last Boot Time.png


          The widget should then show what you're looking for.

          2017-06-27 14_17_59-Lehi_Lab - Summary.png