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    SWQL Question


      When I create alerts using custom pollers the result set returns the correct number of objects meeting the criteria but it only shows the name of the customer poller and not the name of the node. IE. the code below returns 2 items effected but I want to know the names of the nodes not the name of the custom poller. Any helps is appreciated.


      SELECT E0.[Uri], E0.[DisplayName]

      FROM Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignmentOnNode AS E0

      WHERE ( ( ( E0.[Node].[Vendor] = 'American Power Conversion Corp.' ) ) AND ( ( E0.[CustomPoller].[UniqueName] = 'upsBasicOutputStatus' ) AND ( E0.[CustomPollerStatusScalar].[RawStatus] = '3' ) ) )

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          Are you using this logic to trigger an alert with an email or for something like a dashboard?  If you wanted to get that information as part of a report just add this to the select line

          ,E0.Node.Caption as [Node]


          If you are using this query in the alert builder then you don't need to add anything, it already knows how to correlate the poller to the node it is assigned to.  You would just go to the email alert action or whatever notification you are using and use the insert variable to find "Caption (Node)" and insert it into your message.   

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