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    How to transfer the SNMP traps to HP Openview


      I am trying to transfer snmp traps from Solarwinds to HP openview. Wireshark can see the traffic going out of the Solarwinds box. However, TCPdump cannot see the output in the same format as wireshark on the HP openviem host server running Linux OS. Please what is your suggestion?

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          When creating a new rule in Orion NPM I use the action Send an SNMP Trap then the 'Forward Syslog' template to create an SNMP trap to Openview.

          This sends the Orion OID then all of the varbinds that go along with it in trap format.

          The name looks like it is going to be a Syslog but it is actually a trap.

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              Thanks bobmarley.

              However, in my case I am not forwarding all the alerts to the HP openview. I created some specific alerts to be forwarded. What do you suggest?

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                Hi bobmarley,


                Can u please show the sample "ForwardSyslog" file in here ? I am also integrating Solar-winds with the HP OVO System. 


                Step 1: I created Sample  Alert and Filter rule to monitor specific OID.

                Step 2: Monitor Application Component Using SAM Component Monitor

                Step 3: Create a Alert based on SAM Component Monitor and generate a SNMP Trap as per the following template.



                <Application Name="SolarWinds SNMP Trap Engine" Version="1.0.28" Copyright="Copyright 1995-2003 SolarWinds.Net All rights reserved." ReleaseDate="October 2003" TimeStamp="16-Sep-04 01:06 PM"></Application>

                <Trap SourceHostname="" SourceIPAddress="" DestinationHostname="" DestinationIPAddress="" CommunityString="" DateTime="12:00:00 AM 12:00AM">


                <OID OID="" MIB="RFC1213-MIB" Name="sysUpTime.0" Value="0" DataType="67" ValueName="0" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-MIB" Name="snmpTrapOID.0" Value="" DataType="6" ValueName="SOLARWINDS-TRAPS" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-MIB" Name="snmpTrapEnterprise.0" Value="" DataType="6" ValueName="SolarWinds" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.2" Value="Rbed_aash01" DataType="4" ValueName="Rbed_aash01" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.3" Value="IPAddressRemoved" DataType="4" ValueName="IPAddressRemoved" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.4" Value="NodeIDRemoved" DataType="4" ValueName="NodeIDRemoved" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.5" Value="ObjectNameRemoved" DataType="4" ValueName="ObjectNameRemoved" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.6" Value="APM: Component" DataType="4" ValueName="APM: Component" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.7" Value="${NetObjectID}" DataType="4" ValueName="${NetObjectID}" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.1" Value="${AlertMessage}" DataType="4" ValueName="${AlertMessage}" HexValue=""></OID>

                <OID OID="" MIB="SOLARWINDS-TRAPS" Name="AlertMessage" Value="${MessageType} ${Message}" DataType="4" ValueName="${MessageType} ${Message}" HexValue=""></OID>





                But this one is not hitting the HP Openview System. Can you please help me to solve this ?



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                    Hi harshaabba, the field that you need to change the value for 'Forward Syslog' is in part of the Sample Alert that you set up in Orion, it is a dropdown box that you need to pick from under configure an SNMP Trap.


                    I hope this helps, if not please explain your issue some more. In the original question olusea was asking how to get an alert From Orion To Openview. It sounds like you are trying to receive an alert into Orion from an external source?