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    Tasks: Action Rule Tasks Not 'Completing'


      We make use of formstack forms to email Web Help Desk, creating an emailed ticket that triggers a task based on the email's subject lines and contents. These tasks ultimately create and assign 3 more tickets immediately, and 4 more as the above tickets are closed. We've found that the tasks, even though all tickets are created and closed, remain 'In Progress'.

      Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 10.26.50 AM.png

      Note my initial run of the task No. 1010, 'Completed' but had only 4 tickets associated with it; after testing the task, I proceeded to add another 4 tickets. Since then, this task has failed to 'Complete'. How can I get these to complete? Does it slow down the system having multiple tasks in the history incomplete? All the tickets are created and closed, with the exception of 1022, which I presume was associated with the client issues missing required location (fixed).