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    REST Orion.NPM.Interfaces/DiscoverInterfacesOnNode - ifOperStatus


      Hello Orion SDK Community,


      I'm using the Orion.NPM.Interfaces/DiscoverInterfacesOnNode verb - when I take a look at the discovery results, I get ifOperStatus = 4 for all interfaces.


      Upon adding those interfaces with the AddInterfacesOnNode verb - the interfaces show a different status. Wondering if this is this a bug or by design?

      When using the GUI/List resources, there is an indicator of the interface status (up/down shown as green/red).


      I'm wanting to use the DiscoverInterfacesOnNode verb to list all interfaces, filter based on ifType and ifOperStatus (let's say for example, IfType = 6 and ifOperStatus = 1) and then add the resulting interfaces. This would allow me to filter based on interface status/other attributes.

      For now, I am using another loop after the interfaces are added to query URI based on status and delete in bulk , but would prefer to do this all in one step if possible.


      Thank you,