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    NTA Update Problem



      I want to upgrade from NTA 4.2.1 to 4.2.2

      when I install 4.2.2 it failed in Configuration Wizard

      then I uninstalled it. after that I can't install

      when I install 4.2.2 after welcome,in set up Environment I check same server for NPM and NTA after Next button nothing occurs!!!


      when I install 4.1.2 in Configuration Wizard it says:

      Exception while configuring plugin NetFlow Traffic Analyzer component NetFlow Database. NTA has detected that version of your existing NTA DB schema (55) is higher than supported by current version (53). Please use compilant installation of NTA or configure NTA to new database.

      without Configuration Wizard I start installing 4.2.2 but it goes netflow storage configuration!!!


      unfortunately I haven't backed up DB

      Could you anyone helps me?

      how to remove NTA Completely from DB?


      Thanks in advance