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    Backup of NetScaler Config Terminating Unexpectedly


      I've suspected for a while that my NetScaler backup has been erroring out prematurely. I actually had some time to deal with it recent and upon review it looks like a special character or something is causing cattools to fail. As far as I can tell when I run the "show command" from Netscaler (v11.0) and compare it to the CatTools backup it appears like a the CatTools back up is choking on a regex line. The last character recorded on CatTools config backup is a "^". The next character after that is a "]" according to a "show config" command. Any ideas about this?

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          You can try editing the device, and going into the Variation settings.  Please try the following:


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              So that didn't work. I think I have a vague idea about what is going on, but I don't know how to deal with it. So the prompt for the NetScaler is a ">". In the Netscaler config, we have some custom regex values and there are a few instances of ">" character. If a user does "show runningconfig" of course, the NetScaler just barfs the enter screen. When CatTools is looking at it, the first instance of a ">" must be being seen as a prompt.


              I have two different NetScaler Devices configured. The default Citrix.NetScaler.General doesn't work and it stopped working a few CatTools versions ago. Since then I've had to use a Generic Device with variations.


              If I use the default Citrix.Netscaler.General device, running in debug and capture mode, the operation times out and according to debug mode, the last step before it errors is : "Waiting for a response to: show runningconfig." The message after that is an error and it says "Did not receive expected response to command: show runningconfig."


              The expected response (when the runningconfig stops barfing on the screen) should look like:


              > show runningconfig


              set ns param -cookieversion 1 -timezone "GMT-4:00-EDT-America/New_York"




              Maybe fixing the default device is a better option?

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              Is there a way to change the prompt?  Characters such as #, >, and ] can stop CatTools, as it thinks it is seeing a prompt.

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                I have a similar but slightly different issue with backup of Netscaler by NCM.   We have two Netsalers in a high availability pair and NPM is able to back up 1 of the 2 successfully but on the current primary system it stops at line 291 of a 806 line config.


                Also how is it backup of the startup configs done?   All of our Netscaler Startup configs are as follows:


                ERROR: No such command