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      Hi All,


      I have been working on a way to bring DataPower XG45 Best Practice to be monitored on SolarWinds.

      I have worked with the IBM suggested monitoring values and thresholds and I have them ready at hand to be implemented in SolarWinds.


      But.. I have several issues that I am not sure how to continue with..

      in the Best Practice I need i.e. Power Supply failure of which is True or false on an alert no 0x0222001 and I don't have the MiB for it.

      I have already downloaded the MiB files from the Appliance itself and there are so many there to choose from. I want to be able to use the Alert from DP can that be done? or there is a better way to get the EXACT MiB from the files I have downloaded?


      The Power Supply is one of many actions that I want to monitor that I have ONLY the Alert from DataPower(DP) and not having the MiB itself.

      I want to be able to monitor the X45 device using the Best Practice provided by IBM and make that on the one and only SolarWinds.


      I would be happy to know what I need to do? how to tackle this situation and bring the actions to SolarWinds exactly as they were recommended by IBM on the Best Practice documentation.


      In another part that I want to monitor I have a MiB like this:
      dpStatusSystemUsageLoad that I want to make sure it will not go over 80% - How can I make it in the SolarWinds as an monitored action? Should I use Poller for that?


      I would be happy if you can assist me with the above requests.

      Thank so much!

      Have a Great Day.

      Eric TQC