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    DPA Version 11.0.378 or 11.0.387??


      In the Customer Portal, the latest version of DPA is listed as 11.0.387 and the previous version available to download is 11.0.0.  However, our actual DPA server shows that it is on version 11.0.378.  Was there a version 11.0.378 and it has been pulled from the Customer Portal, or is there a typo somewhere? 


      I just checked on the DPA server and found the installer we had downloaded prior to upgrading and it also says 11.0.378 and its date was April 2nd, whereas on the Customer Portal version 11.0.387 has a date of May 1st, so I'm guessing that there was a version 11.0.378 and it was pulled after 11.0.387 was released. I just want to make sure though before I go through the pain of upgrading DPA and installing the new DPA Orion Module on our Primary Orion server and our 7 APE's.