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    NCM Cisco Change Automated Script


      Hi All,


      I am trying to find a way to change over 500 Cisco 800 series config`s, I am trying to use NCM to look at the config and make changes relevant to the IP structure.

      So what I want to happen is NCM look at the config / determin the IP structure and make a change to the DHCP scope based on the LAN IP.


      Example Below.


      ip dhcp excluded-address <store lan>.1

      ip dhcp excluded-address <store lan>.11 <store lan>.179

      ip dhcp excluded-address <store lan>.231 <store lan>.254


      ip dhcp pool Default

      import all

      network <store lan>.0


      default-router <vlan1 address>


        • Re: NCM Cisco Change Automated Script

          I have previously done something similar using config change templates and custom properties. I have included a scrubbed version of one I used to modify all of our EIGRP configurations. It did require a bit of excel workand some planning, but luckily I already had most of the information I needed.


          script ConfigureEIGRP (

                                       NCM.Nodes @ContextNode



              string @LoopbackNet = '10.0.'

               @LoopbackNet = @LoopbackNet + @ContextNode.SiteID

               @LoopbackNet = @LoopbackNet + '.0'

              string @SiteNet = '10.'

               @SiteNet = @SiteNet + @ContextNode.SiteID

               @SiteNet = @SiteNet + '.0.0'



                  configure terminal

                  router eigrp 123

                  network @SiteNet

                  network @LoopbackNet