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    Custom Report for a specific server Group


      I have seen different types of Custom Reports for WSUS using Patch Manager, but there is one Category of Report That I can't Customize. No matter what, this report never generate any data. Can anyone in the Community Help me, please?

      I have different types of server stack that are like this Computers and Groups ==> All Computers ==> Server Group 1, Server Group 2, Server Group 3, etc...

      Server Tree.jpg

      How can I generate a custom Report for a Specific Server Group?

      For example, a Report that is only for Group 1 or group 2 or group 3.


      It might be a complex or a newbie question, but I am fairly new to Patch Manager

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          There is an existing report that shows a percentage summary by computer group  (Approved Update Summaries by computer group) - it is under the WSUS Reports -> Windows Server Update Server Analytics folder.


          If you are building your own report, i think the field you are looking for is called "Group Memberships"; it is available in the "Computer Update Status with Details" datasource.



          Here is a simple report that contains a column showing the current group memberships for the computers.

          I made this by editing the "Computer Update Status Approved Updates" report, converting all of the fields there to come from the Computer Update Status with Details datasource, and then adding the extra Group Memberships field as well.

          spm - group memberships report.png

          If you want a copy of that report definition, you can find it here:   Computer Update Status Approved Updates with Group Memberships.xdq


          ...Now if you want to make a version of this report that only shows machines from a certain group, you'll need to add a "group memberships...contains..." filter to the report definition. 

          You'll use the Group Memberships field from the "Computer Update Status with Details" datasource.   it would look like this if you were to add it:

          spm - group memberships filter.png.

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