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    Unable to establish SQL connection on named instance


      We have a SQL 2012 SQL server with 2 instances (both named).


      The first instance is being monitored fine with all thresholds etc. being monitored and reported on correctly.


      However, when I try to add the 2nd named instance with the same SQL credentials as above and run a test I receive the following error "Test failed".


      The SQL login exactly matches the details of the instance that is working correctly with the correct User Mappings, Securables etc.


      The login used is a Windows login and I have even elevated it into a sysadmin server role but it still does not connect.


      I believe it may be that I am using the default port option but according to the instance it is listening on port 1433 (as is the working instance) so this should be OK.


      Also, we have Auditing for Failed Logins set and nothing is being seen in the SQL Server log implying that the login is not getting through.


      I have also tested creating a SQL login with sysadmin server role and still not working.


      Is there a level of debugging that I can increase (and where do I look for the files) or is it something more obvious I am missing.