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    How Does the Windows Agents Determine Agent Id etc.


      We are trying to use InstantClones through VMware to deploy our VDI desktops.  The issue I'm having is when I search the lem by hostname (ourVM-) I see a single entry, that changes every few seconds.

      I ran a nDepth Search on InternalDuplicateConnection with thw same beginning of the hostname, "ourVM-" and I get like 1500 events in 30 minutes.


      Notice below the EventInfo hostname is different than the AgentAddress.



      OURVM-0638.MyDomain.commylemmylemn.n.n.nMon Jun 19 16:37:43 GMT-0700 2017Mon Jun 19 16:37:43 GMT-0700 2017TriGeoAgent is already online323637333231363OURVM-0629.MyDomain.com /
      OURVM-0592.MyDomain.commylemmylemn.n.n.nMon Jun 19 16:37:46 GMT-0700 2017Mon Jun 19 16:37:46 GMT-0700 2017TriGeoAgent is already online323637333231373OURVM-0596.MyDomain.com /
      OURVM-0017.MyDomain.commylemmylemn.n.n.nMon Jun 19 16:37:45 GMT-0700 2017Mon Jun 19 16:37:45 GMT-0700 2017TriGeoAgent is already online323637333231373

      OURVM-0067.MyDomain.com /

      I hope I am not confusing.  I'm just trying to figure out what I need to do, or what I need to have the admins that deploy the VMs do to correct this.


      We have one network running LEM version 6.3.1 hotfix4, the other two networks are running LEM version 6.2.1 with the same results.


      Thank You



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          Agent IDs are assigned sequentially, and an Agent gets an ID on its first connection to the LEM appliance.  This ID is encoded in the certificates that the Agent gets on first run, so if you're getting duplicates that would suggest that the Agent install folder was copied to multiple machines (perhaps VDIs?)


          We have directions on using LEM agents in a Windows Image, so you may need to look at that and resolve the duplicate agents by resetting Agents to a "first run" state by deleting their certs.


          Directions on resetting agents, you may need to look in SysWOW64 instead of System32 on new systems (section "Reset the LEM Agent Certificate"): Troubleshoot LEM agent connections

          Using the LEM Agent in a Windows image: Include the LEM Agent in a Windows image - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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              Thank You Curtisi;


              The folks that deployed the VDI desktops found something was not happening due to a script being blocked at user logoff which did not clean the certs before the system was cloned for the next user.

              We did have knowledge of the include Agent in a Windows image doc.


              Thanks Again!

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                I was just reading something interesting about the VMWare InstantClones.


                The following is from vmware-horizon-view-instant-clone-technology.pdf


                Master VM:  The VM that you create and configure as the model for the virtual desktops you plan to



                Master VM snapshot: A reproduction of a master VM exactly as it was when you took the snapshot. The snapshot

                includes the state of the data on all VM disks.


                Internal template VM: A linked clone of the master VM, based on the master VM snapshot. This VM is used for the

                AD domain join.


                Replica VM: A thin-provisioned full clone of the internal template VM. The View Storage Accelerator

                feature uses a content-based read cache digest of this VM.


                Running parent VM: A linked clone of the replica VM, based on a snapshot the system takes of the replica VM.


                Instant clone: A desktop VM created from the memory and disk of the running parent VM. After the instant

                clone is created, it shares the read disks of the replica VM, exactly like a linked clone.


                I'm wondering if the root problem here is the instant clone is created from the Running Parent VM.  ie. The spop folder not being deleted like when you prepare a Master Image.


                Just trying to keep you posted.



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                If the master image has a populated contegospop\spop folder, that will cause problems when it's cloned to make a new VDI.

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                  We had similar issues with agents and come to the same conclusion, we then had a different issue with the amount of dhcp addresses we use, essentially our users are quite mobile within our networks and its not unusual to see the same machine with 3 or 4 ip addresses in a day depending on which VLAN they are connected to


                  I think the agent should only use the ID and certificate to authenticate itself with maybe an approval button on the console, after that the agent should not take the IP address into account for authentication



                  we have managed a work around however we cant use licence recycling now and have to manage licences manually which is a burden