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    Add nodes with the same hostname but different IP addresses using Network Discovery


      I'm unable to add multiple nodes having same hostname, system name,  but different IP addresses via Network Discovery. I followed steps as described in solarwinds support links.







      I made changes in SolarWinds.Orion.Discovery.Job.dll.config file. and follow all the steps. I even re run configuration wizard and also reboot the server but the change didn't applied. Network discovery found the nodes but skip them when we import the results. Problem seen in network discovery via snmp. (Discovery via ICMP worked but it didn't poll the device only display up/down status). Adding  nodes manually one by one worked. In our network we have 500 plus routers and every router have 3 ip addresses. one Vlan Ip and two isp ip addresses. Adding them one by one will consume lot of time.


      An urgent response may save us from this hardwork.