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    Moving to New Server


      Hola ~


      I found these steps in another thread. Can anyone think of anything else to add to this list? Thanks for any additional tips.


      1. Backup your DB and SolarWinds machine/VM first.  This is in case you have to go back.
      2. Upgrade your current SolarWinds installation(s) in the correct order (in accordance with the product upgrade advisor ) so that it upgrades the database.
      3. Build your new SolarWinds server using the same IP address and machine name.  Obviously, disconnect the NIC until ready to put into production.
      4. Install all the latest versions of the SolarWinds products that you just upgraded to (in accordance with the product upgrade advisor ) to a new (dummy) DB.  This is just to get them installed.  Create any name.  This will be deleted.
      5. Create backup of the new SolarWinds server so you have something to go back to if you need to later on.  You don't want to repeat this build if you done have to.  This is just in case something goes wrong.
      6. Shut down or disconnect the NIC to the old SolarWinds server.
      7. Bring up the new SolarWinds server and/or enable its NIC.
      8. Run the Configuration wizard on the new server and map it to the upgraded DB from step 2.
      9. Delete the dummy DB.
      10. Decommission the old server after you have verified the new one is fine.