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    CPU alerts fine tuning


      I'm seeing a lot of alerts that have cleared by the time the alert email gets fired off.  For example, I just had an alert trigger and by the time the email was sent, the CPU was already below the 90% threshold.  See below:



      The CPU on Server is currently running at 74 %. The top 10
      processes running at the time of this poll are listed below:


                      Name                    Process ID                           CPU

      oracle.exe                           1684                       44.16 %

      WmiPrvSE.exe                  2820                       9.54 %

      svchost.exe                        924                         3.42 %

      System                 4                              1 %

      sass.exe                              588                         1 %

      oraagent.exe                     4736                       0.14 %

      smss.exe                             268                         0 %

      csrss.exe                             408                         0 %

      wininit.exe                         464                         0 %

      csrss.exe                             476                         0 %


      If you acknowledge this alert send a email to sysops with
      your reasoning on acknowledging the alert rather then fixing the alert



      At the same time the following alert also was sent out:


      CPU reset Alert


      Since yesterday evening, I've seen about a half dozen of these occurrences and am thinking I need to tweak my settings in order to cut down on the noise.  Here is how I have the alerts set, any tips or opinions on these alerts would be appreciated.  My environment is running NPM 12.1 and yesterday migrated to a new server which is running Windows 2016 standard.