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    NCM Realtime Change Detection




      Hopefully someone can assist in answering a few questions I have around NCM realtime change detection?


      I have Cisco switches that are managed in NPM/NCM via the Management Vrf address


      I also have a log collector service that sits in-between the Cisco Switch and the Solarwinds syslog service (the log collector has been configured to relay the message on) eg Cisco Switch->Log Collector->Solarwinds Syslog Server.


      As the syslog rule is using the "Solarwinds.NCM.RTNForwarder.exe" and ${IP_Address} will this take the source of the syslog message as the ${IP_Address} and will it even work as if I have "logging origin-id hostname" the hostname is used in the message and not even the management vrf ip address?


      I'm getting the suspicion that this isn't going to work...