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    Network Utilization of Nodes


      real neato I cant delete a post

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          Michael Halpin

          Sorry vanities, I don't understand the use case I'm afraid. What information do you actually expect to see in the output, especially from the Interfaces table? Can you show examples of the different outputs you're seeing?

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            That query looks very familiar haha


            First thing i see is that your join to the interface table looks a bit off, should be like


            left join Orion.NPM.Interfaces i on i.nodeid=n.nodeid


            I would use a left join because not all nodes have interfaces.

            Also, you are not using the icon syntax correctly

            "END AS transmit_icon" and "END AS recieve_icon" should be replaced with

            end as [_iconfor_transmit]

            end as [_iconfor_receive]


            Keep in mind that the _iconfor and _linkfor syntaxes are case sensitive regarding the name of the column you are trying to match them against.


            Looking a little deeper, it looks like you need to clean up all of the iconfor and linkfor syntaxes


            -Marc Netterfield

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