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    Question: Customized Group Details Page?


      Is it possible to create a customized group details page? I have created nested groups which indicates a site name, and within this sub groups containing nodes i'd like to monitor for each category. I have created a map that points to the parent object, but when I click it this will go to a generic group details page. When i attempt to add view limitations to only monitor the nodes I want for this specific site, it applys to every group detail page. I understand I can create a new view for each site, but where is it possible to change the map to point to this new view i create?



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          It is possible to create variations on the group details page, but the ui doesn't have any kind of case logic to understand which group details view would be appropriate.  One idea that comes to my mind that might work would be to create each version of the details page that you wanted, and then at the top of them each include an HTML resource that said something like "Show all - Show to network nodes only - Show Server nodes only" or whatever other combos of filters make sense for you, and the links would just have the necessary viewid hard coded into them.  Never tried it before but maybe it will be useful.  I typically just have one generic groups page and use a lot of custom SWQL query resources to show the different slices of the objects in the way that I needed.  I'd usually have nodes grouped together with all their current load/performance metrics, Applications goes in another query with their overall status and a breakdown of any components in unhealthy states, and whatever other kinds of objects we were throwing into the groups as needed.