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    Variable use - include a web page in an alert to the triggered node NetFlow Node Details


      I am alerting when MPLS gateway router interfaces send or receive percentage is very high for 5 minutes.  And I want to send to network engineering responders the page that has the summary of all netflow values - top 5 protocols, top 5 endpoints, top 5 applications, top 5 domains, and top 5 conversations.


      I am attempting to create an alert trigger action to send an email with a webpage URL for the NetFlow Node Details of the triggered object.


      The exposed URL for the NetFlow summary of a node page I want to send is "https://spf-orion/Orion/TrafficAnalysis/NetflowNodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=NN:655" for one of my nodes.

      I assume the "665" is the node specific portion.


      What is the variable that I should insert to replace the node specific value?


      I have tried ${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeID} and several others that I have inserted from the message dialog above the URL field.  No joy.


      Advice appreciated.