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    SWIS Table Alerts




      Another developer and I are building a windows service backend that interacts with SWIS through a RESTful API and broadcasts the information to static web files where we display the data. We are currently grabbing all unacknowledged alerts from Orion.ActiveAlert. We are receiving all the necessary data we need for our interface but we are hoping to show on the GUI whether an alert is "Active" or "Inactive" based on whether the condition of the alert still exists. My question is there a field associated with an alert object in SWIS that we can retrieve this data from?


      I would really appreciate any help with this endeavor.


      Thank you!

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          The alert becomes active when its trigger condition is met. It goes away when its reset condition is met. Sometimes an alert is defined such that the reset condition is the inverse of the trigger condition, which means that it will go away as soon as the trigger condition is no longer met. But if the reset condition is not the inverse of the trigger condition (example: alert when interface utilization is greater than 80%, reset when it is less than 60%), there is nothing you can query to check whether the trigger condition still holds or not short of parsing and processing the alert configuration yourself.