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    Dynamic Query filter for groups to exclude


      I am trying to create dashboards filled with groups built out of custom properties. The problem I am running into is I have this custom property lets call it "DeviceFunction" and it starts with either AAA, AAB, AAC or AAD. I want to exclude the nodes with custom properties beginning with AAA. However when I try to use the "is not" feature it does not work. Regex is not supported. So how do I exclude those with custom properties that all represent the same application but at different locals so I want them on different dashboards hence the difference in the beginning of the custom property.




      "DeviceFunction" DO NOT MATCH "AAA"

      "Device Function" Contains "Lync"


      In another group I want ONLY those that begin with AAA, which is supported and contain Lync. I hope this makes sense.

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          Container filters lack the "not" operator. The the number of possible "DeviceFunction" prefixes is managable, you can exclude one prefix by just OR-ing together all of the others. Like this:


          filter:/Orion.Nodes[Contains(CustomProperties.DeviceFunction,'Lync') AND (StartsWith(CustomProperties.DeviceFunction,'AAB') OR StartsWith(CustomProperties.DeviceFunction,'AAC') OR StartsWith(CustomProperties.DeviceFunction,'AAD'))]


          If there are lots of possible prefixes, then building the filter expression this way will make it become huge, but it should work for a few at least.