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    Database Migration Error


      I had an extremely outdated version of Web Help Desk - v. - and recently went through the upgrade process to v.12.5.  All seemed to go smoothly from v.10 to v.12, but I ran into an issue going from 12 to 12.5 with updating the database.  After a few minutes, I receive the following error:

      I followed the upgrade guide, ensuring to go through the proper versions, running the installers as admin, backing up the databases and tomcat files, etc.  However, I was uncertain of one thing - as far as the tomcat_web_template.xml file, the upgrade guide suggests adding the personal info from the backup to the newly created file.  I am not sure what kind of personal info this is.  I am obviously not well-versed in Java in the slightest.




      I do have a support ticket in, but schedules have not aligned with the tech and me, so I figured I'd give this a shot.  Thanks!