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    Virtualization Manager Question

    Mahesh Muralidharan

      I'm working on the MDM EBX5 design project and was wondering if we have a way to charge back business units.  In the past we have become hampered by resources and when we investigated there were numerous VM’s that nobody knew who they belonged too. Currently they have been (for the most part) addressed but going forward do we have anything in VMAN to assist us in the management of Virtualization?


      what I’m looking for in a way to manage our VM environment:


      1. Manage excess virtual resource consumption?

      2. Do we have a way to Justify VM costs?

      3. VM recommendations for optimal VM size on host.

      4. VM resource planning.

      5. Chargeback management.

      6. Reports that show savings vs physical servers.


      I’m seeking a way to Introduce chargeback to business units to improve TCO.  vCenter used to have this but as of 2014 it’s only for Service Providers. Does  Solarwinds has this functionality and this is needed as our VM environment grows..