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    How to edit a generated Orion SDK SWQL statement to include additional fields?


      I wish to use SDK to create a report that shows me everything in the Cirrus.EntityPhysical generated statement, AND I'd like it to include the node name and description for every device in the report.  The goal is to discover the nodes that are Cisco 2960S switches in stacks, how many switches are in each stack, and what position each switch is in within the stack.


      I just can't seem to figure out how to do this in SDK's SWQL.


      The original statement looks like this:


      SELECT NodeID, LastDiscovery, FirstDiscovery, Missing, Name, Description, Type, ContainedIn, EntityClass, Position, HardwareRevision, FirmwareRevision, SoftwareRevision, Serial, Manufacturer, Model, Alias, AssetID, FieldReplaceable

      FROM Cirrus.EntityPhysical


      I thought I could Generate Select Statement, then insert Name, Description in the original SWQL statement, and then execute the query.  That doesn't work; it either shows a blank column below DisplayName, or it can show an error indicating SDK doesn't like the field I tried to enter.


      Is it failing because I have "Name, Description" in the wrong location?  Or because SDK didn't generate the query after I edited it?  Or something else?